Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins (grain-free/wheat-free)

I have had a baking withdrawal for the last week and a half.  So, I ventured on the internet and found these….


Shockingly I had all of the ingredients on hand!  Especially, some very ripe bananas that needed to be baked into something wonderful.  I went all out and added the “optional” chocolate chips to the batter.  Chocolate chips optional?  Not here!  =)


Next time I might add some chopped pecans to the batter as well.  Although, it was delicious as is.  I was afraid that the honey and coconut oil would not “cream” like it was supposed to, but it did (just be patient).  I also cooked them for 30 minutes.  The liners are parchment paper, so no sticking (yay!).  I used coconut milk, instead of almond (just what I had on hand).  You could probably make some alterations and make this dairy free as well.

Deliciously moist, but not wet.  Just the right amount of sweetness.  Yum!!!

One of the best wheat free muffins I have made.  I highly recommend them!


I’d say my bananas found their something wonderful.

Now, go let your bananas find it well!



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